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Mitigate Line Stress with Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for galloping and vibration events on power lines. Using advanced sensors and machine learning, our system detects and analyzes abnormal line movements, allowing for prompt action to prevent damage and prolong line life.

Advanced Galloping Detection

Utilizes specialized sensors to accurately detect and analyze transmission line galloping.

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Integrated cameras provide live footage for immediate confirmation of galloping incidents.

Proactive Maintenance Enablement

Enables timely interventions, such as damper installations, to mitigate galloping effects.

Alert System & Data Capture

Automatic alerts and detailed data recording enhance response to galloping events.

Video confirmation of galloping conductors

Conductors can gallop even in low winds if the conditions are just right. A small ice wing on the wire and perpendicular wind can induce galloping events that put a strain on conductors and pylons, in some cases leading to downed lines and power outages.

Advanced Technologies for Galloping & Vibration Challenges

Events and insight

Generate events based on galloping intensity and receive alerts during critical events.

Visual Confirmation

Gain visual confirmation of galloping events with 4k cameras and video.

Easy to install

The unit, clamped on the conductor, starts streaming images and video autonomously. Without any need for maintenance.

Detailed insights based on visuals and line sensors

By leveraging integrated data from sophisticated on-board line sensors, comprehensive weather stations, and high-resolution cameras, the LKX monitoring units excel in automatically collating detailed insights about conductor health.

Aeolian Vibration

The ability of the station to detect aeolian vibration enables early intervention strategies, significantly reducing the risk of conductor fatigue and prolonging the lifespan of power line infrastructure.

Galloping Insights

Ensures timely preventive measures, thereby minimizing mechanical stress and potential damage, and ensuring uninterrupted power transmission.

Visual Confirmation

Real-time visual confirmation of galloping events and crucial ground clearance data, enhancing both operational safety and efficiency in overhead line management.

Conductor Tension

Provides critical insights into conductor tension, enabling proactive maintenance and ensuring the longevity and reliability of your power infrastructure.

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