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The All-in-one

Software Platform

Laki Analytics Studio

Monitoring has never been easier. Access critical information in real time and generate events based on data from multiple sensors and cameras.

Map View

Complete Grid Oversight

A detailed map view of installed monitoring stations combined with forecasts gives you the oversight you need to act effectively.

Streaming images & data

Stay Connected

The monitoring systems stream images and data to the user interface not every day but every minute - providing complete real-time situational awareness.

Event View

Catch Critical Events

Generate events based on pre-defined criteria using images and data from the monitoring systems. Share events with colleagues and add additional comments with further observations.

Timelapses and Video

Line Status, Frame by Frame

Access time-lapses and videos anytime. From spotting faults to monitoring remote conditions, take command of your grid with unrivaled clarity and convenience.

Analyze, share and communicate

Export and share historical data

Make your own reports and share with colleagues data for further analysis.

LKX Multi

Complete overhead line monitoring system

LKX Surv

Thermal & optical surveillance unit

Discover Monitoring Systems

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