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Laki Analytics Studio

Monitoring has never been easier. Access critical information in real time and generate events based on data from multiple sensors and cameras.

Complete Grid Oversight

A detailed map view of installed monitoring stations combined with forecasts gives you the oversight you need to act effectively

Line Status, Frame by Frame

Access time-lapses and videos anytime. From spotting faults to monitoring remote conditions, take command of your grid with unrivaled clarity and convenience.

Stay Connected

The monitoring systems stream images and data to the user interface not every day but every minute - providing complete real-time situational awareness.

Generate customized alerts based on real-time images, weather analytics and line data from the line powered monitoring  systems.

Capturing Moments that Matter

Learn how to send alerts during critical events.

Criteria-Driven Intelligence

Harness the power of comprehensive inputs – from weather stations to line sensors and cameras. Define triggers for minor, major, and critical events, ensuring your monitoring is as precise as it is proactive.

Custom Alert Configurations

Stay informed, always. Customize your notifications and decide how you want to receive alerts, ensuring that you’re in the loop and in control of every significant event.

Insights for Your Next Move

Navigate challenges with clarity. Whether you're managing galloping with dampers or adjusting current to tackle icing, our system provides clear insights to help you take the right action efficiently.

Discover & Analyze

Our Explore Tab offers a comprehensive look at historical data, allowing you to interact, analyze, and understand the story behind every event.

1. Interactive Graph Insights

Watch the conductor's pitch shift due to icing. Dive deep into the graph and see how elements impact power line performance.

2. Customized Timelapse Request

Want a closer look? Watch how easily a user can request and receive a tailored timelapse of any event, ensuring you never miss a detail.

3. Icing Timelapse Capture

Witness the buildup. See a visual timeline of how ice accumulates on the conductor, providing key insights into its effects over time.

Elevate Your Grid Performance Today

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