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Offering both optical and thermal camera monitoring, our advanced surveillance unit is designed to detect and react to a broad spectrum of potential threats and disturbances. Maintain the utmost security standards while ensuring efficient service continuity. Stay a step ahead with our leading-edge solution, facilitating proactive perimeter management and minimizing security risks.

24/7 Surveillance

Optical & Thermal

Capable of detecting abnormal heat signatures and perimeter crossings in 4K quality.


Ultra LowLight 4MP sensor module for superior images with minimal light.

Image Recognition

On-board AI powered software detects threats and events automatically.

Lense Configuration

Set the pan-tilt angle during installation and select close-up or long-range lenses for optimal field of view.

Making grid surveillance more reliable

Our patented power harvesting technology ensures a stable supply of power to the cameras and on-board computers, making solar panels and batteries unnecessary. The station is completely autonomous, requiring zero on-site maintenance, minimizing costs.

Equipped with a optical and thermal camera the unit provides situational awareness day and night.

React quickly to thermal events and increase safety near critical infrastructure with high precision thermal imaging.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring just 15 minutes with a bucket truck or helicopter. Once set up, the station automatically captures data and streams it seamlessly to our software

Installation is quick and easy, requiring just 15 minutes with a bucket truck or helicopter. 

LKX-SURV Montoring System on a overhead power line

"The Laki Power monitoring stations gave us reliable monitoring capabilities in critical locations without the need for huge investments in external power sources"

Þórarinn Bjarnason, Head of Grid Operations, Landsnet

Technical Specification

Max Line Voltage

Max Sub-Conductor Current

Unit Weight


Max Sub-Conductor Diameter

Gross Shipping Weight

50mm (1.97in)



520mm x 410mm x 260mm

38kg (84lbs)

60kg (132lbs)

Anodized Aluminium


150°C (302F)

Max Sub-Conductor Temperature



Max Resolution

Max Video FPS

Operating Temperature


Max Thermal Resolution


640px x 480px

25 fps

6MP (3840px  x 2160px)

LTE/UMTS/GSM or Fiber Optic

-40°C to +50°C

Fully autonomous operation


Backup Battery Capacity

9 fps

Max Thermal FPS



The LKX MULTI streams data using cellular communications or optical fiber if available. Take a look at Laki Analytics Studio where users can view and analyze data, request videos and generate events.

Discover our software

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