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Ensure your lines stay clear of ice with ice load monitoring

Laki Powers' advanced icing solution combines a complete weather station, cameras, and line sensors in one unit, supported by sophisticated software. This integrated system efficiently analyzes and reports on ice accumulation, enabling proactive management of power lines for enhanced reliability and safety.

Image Recognition

ML model identifies icing presence and thickness visually.

Ice Load Analysis

Monitors ice load on wires using data from cameras and line sensors

Ground Clearance Insight

Determines wire tension and clearance from the ground accurately.

Icing Type Identification

Utilizes cameras for classifying icing types on conductors effectively.

Track Ice Build-Up

Witness the progression of ice accumulation on power lines in real-time, captured directly from the conductor. Ice thickness overlay combined with image recognition allows collecting data on ice thickness and ice wing formation.

Increase safety and reliability

Receive Alerts

Too much ice load, galloping or a twisted conductor? Generate and store historical events and receive alerts based on images and data.

Identify Icing Type

Icing on overhead power lines comes in various forms, such as glaze, rime, and wet snow, each posing unique challenges, visually confirm the icing type through 4k cameras.

Increase Safety

Through images, weather insights, and sensor data, operators can safely decide when to de-ice power lines and ensure it's safe for crews to work.

From raw data to actionable insight

Utilizing weather and line sensors along with cameras the monitoring system can extract useful information on multiple icing parameters. Providing valuable insights for grid operators.

Ice Thickness

Cameras provide visual confirmation on ice thickness on wire.

Ice Load

Data from line sensors, weather station and cameras accurately measure real-time ice load on the conductor.

Type of Ice

Glaze, rime, or wet snow? Easily detect what type of icing is on your conductor.

Visual Confirmation

Cameras visually detects early ice build up and when de-icing is needed.

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