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Our flagship monitoring station, the LKX-MULTI, is a fully featured unit used in current pilot projects across the globe.


UHD Images and Video

LKX-MULTI monitoring station

Line View

Clear visuals of power line with video, images and timelapses available on request. All the lenses have built in de-icing for clear images during snow storms and cold weather events.

Ground View

Clear view of mast, traffic and surroundings through a fish-eye camera.

Mast View

Super sharp visuals of conductor, insulation chains and poles.

Real-time Images and Data

Notify power grid operators, in real-time, of potential  events with images and data on conductor combined with a complete weather station. We send data every 10 seconds resulting in ultra fast response times.


Line Sensor

Real-time information on line current, tilt, roll, galloping and vibration.

Salinity Sensor

Real-time data on surface contamination. Important for early detection of conductivity that can lead to flashovers.

Environmental Data

Ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

Wind Sensor

Ultrasonic wind sensor delivers high accuracy on wind speed and direction. Built in heaters and resistant to extreme weather.


High Durability

Made from durable and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium. Making the monitoring station highly dust and water resistance with operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to 40°C.

Unique Power Harvesting
High voltage current captured as usable low-voltage DC output with 100x greater efficiency than other on-market solutions, enabling an unprecedented range of power-hungry peripheral systems.

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