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React quickly to thermal events with self-powered optical and thermal cameras

Leverage 4K cameras and on-board machine learning to detect and identify hazardous smoke and heat signatures surrounding your power lines.

Thermal Surveillance

Advanced thermal cameras identify potential fire hazards near power lines.

Optical Smoke Detection

State-of-the-art optical cameras detect smoke signs over an extended range.

Instant Alerts

Receive immediate alerts for smoke or unusual heat.

Self-Powered System

System functions autonomously, no external power required.

State-of-the-art Surveillance

LKX's high-resolution optical cameras deliver crystal clear visuals, while our advanced thermal imaging swiftly identifies heat anomalies. Both working in tandem create a powerful surveillance solution, enhancing detection accuracy and response efficiency for potential threats.

React quickly in remote areas

Self Powered

Our patented power harvesting technology ensures a stable power supply to on-board cameras and sensors

Liability Minimized

Laki Power's advanced technology ensures utilities can conclusively demonstrate non-involvement in wildfire origins.

Multiple Sensors

Receive insights into conditions with our complete on-board weather station.

Smoke detection and comprehensive data capture

Dual cameras and multiple on-board sensors enable complete and reliable situational awareness in remote locations. Using Mobotix cameras combined with on-board machine learning the monitoring systems can easily keep grid operators informed on potential fire hazards or wildfire events.

Instant notifications

The system automatically captures and sends alerts when an event is detected.

Smoke Alerts

Optical cameras scan the surrounding environment, automatically detecting smoke in the vicinity of the power line.

Monitor vegetation

Continuous monitoring can help identify potential fire-prone areas due to overgrown vegetation or faulty equipment, allowing for targeted and timely maintenance efforts.

Weather Conditions

On-board temperature and humidity sensors identify high risk of wildfire events occuring.

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