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Advanced Monitoring for Enhanced Security

Our monitoring systems are equipped with thermal and optical cameras. Powered by our patented power harvesting technology, eliminating the need for external power sources like solar panels.


Cameras operate without external power like solar panels or batteries.

4K Resolution

High-resolution 4K video and image capture for detailed surveillance.

Movement Detection

Mobotix cameras detect movement and traffic near power lines effectively.

Fiber Optic Connection

Enables real-time video streaming with optic fiber connections.

React Quickly

When a potential security breach is detected, an instant alert is sent, along with relevant visual data for verification. Once confirmed, security personnel can be dispatched quickly and efficiently.

Increase security near critical infrastrucutre

Live Video Feed

Utilize optical fiber connection for a high quality real-time video stream.

Automatic Video Capture

On-board software automatically captures and records when motion is detected.

Quick Installation

Installing a monitoring system takes 10-15 minutes via bucket truck.

Providing unparalleled security and peace of mind

Our monitoring systems use advanced motion tracking which filter out common false positives providing reliable alerts.

Thermal Detection

Thermal cameras easily detect motion in dark settings.

Motion Detection

On-board image recognition detects movement and streams images and video.


Our power harvesting technology eliminates the need for solar panels or external power.

24/7 Monitoring

The systems stream data and images day and night without interruption.

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