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Navigating the Path to FERC Order 881 Compliance


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 881 represents a significant shift in the way electric transmission lines are rated in the United States. By July 12, 2025, transmission providers must adopt Ambient-Adjusted Ratings (AAR) for their lines, a change that aims to enhance efficiency and reliability while reducing costs for consumers.

Understanding FERC Order 881

FERC Order 881 marks a move away from traditional Static Ratings, which are based on conservative and fixed assumptions about weather conditions. Instead, it requires the use of AAR, which take into account ambient temperature, potentially increasing grid capacity and reliability.

Ensuring Compliance

At Laki Power, we understand the challenges and opportunities presented by FERC Order 881. Our solutions, particularly the LKX MULTI and Laki Analytics Studio, are designed to assist utilities in transitioning to these new standards.

  1. Assessment and Planning: Begin with a thorough evaluation of your current transmission systems to identify areas for upgrade or adjustment in line with the new requirements.

  2. Technology Integration: Utilize Laki Power's LKX MULTI, which offers real-time monitoring and data analytics capabilities crucial for implementing AAR and DLR methodologies.

  3. Data Management and Reporting: Our Laki Analytics Studio can streamline the process of data collection, analysis, and reporting, ensuring compliance with FERC Order 881's transparency requirements.

  4. Communication and Stakeholder Engagement: Keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process, from employees and customers to regulators, ensuring a smooth transition to the new standards.

Advantages of Early Compliance

Adopting AAR and DLR not only ensures regulatory compliance but also brings several operational benefits:

  • Increased Capacity and Efficiency: By accurately reflecting the real-time capacity of transmission lines, utilities can optimize their grid operations.

  • Enhanced Reliability: Proactive monitoring and management of line conditions can reduce the likelihood of outages and blackouts.

  • Cost Savings: Efficient grid management and reduced need for physical upgrades lead to lower operational costs, which can be passed on to consumers.

Laki Power's Commitment

At Laki Power, we are dedicated to partnering with utilities to meet the challenges of FERC Order 881. Our technology and expertise are tailored to provide solutions that not only ensure compliance but also enhance overall grid performance.


FERC Order 881 is a step towards a more efficient and reliable power grid. Laki Power's innovative solutions are here to guide and support utilities through this important transition.

Learn More

For more detailed insights on FERC Order 881 and how Laki Power can assist in your compliance journey, contact us.


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