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Transforming line monitoring

Laki Power was founded in 2015 to transform the way line monitoring is carried out for power grid operators by bringing to market new technology that dramatically enhances the level of power that can be efficiently harvested from high voltage lines.

First-in-industry power harvesting technology

Power lines span millions of kilometers worldwide, usually in remote areas, and monitoring the grid has remained a persistant challenge, until now.

Monitoring equipment usually requires a diesel generator or solar power to function, our monitoring stations are clamped on the conductor and generate power using otherwise wasted energy through induction.

Our Mission

To provide power grid operators with world-class solutions for monitoring, analysing and optimizing their grid infrastructure.


We Deliver Quality

We work on exceeding customer expectations, provide unsurpassed service, and ensure that the final product meets our high standard of quality.

Driven by Innovation

We constantly seek innovation and encourage the exploration of new ideas.

The video was made by the federation of energy and utility companies in Iceland, when Laki Power was named Innovation Company of the year in 2021.

Power lines are exposed to extreme weather

Icing on power lines, line galloping or surface contamination can cause power outages and permanent damage to energy infrastructure. We provide real-time insight into power line health enabling power grid operators to react quickly and improve grid design.

Why is monitoring important?

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