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Enabling power in
remote areas

From real-time monitoring of icing and wildfire events, to optimizing power line transmission capacity with dynamic line rating, Laki Power's advanced analytics and monitoring stations provide an innovative solution for many of the most pressing issues faced by power grid operators today.

Line Powered Monitoring Stations

Despite the abundance of electric energy in overhead power lines, the high-voltage levels prevent grid operators from tapping directly into the lines to access suitable power for valuable monitoring equipment like cameras and weather sensors. We've solved that problem.

Line Powered Monitoring Station
Power Line Alert Event System


Define custom events based on live measurements or select pre-defined  events on icing, wildfire, galloping, vibration or salinity.

Analytics Report Laki Power


Generate analytics reports with wide a  range of data: ground clearance, ampacity, conductor tension & temp, conductor current levels, full macro weather report and more.

Laki Power User Interface

Unique power harvesting enables real-time monitoring of environmental and conductor data. Stream video in real-time or monitor real-time data.

Real-time data

Laki Power's unique power harvesting technology enables reliable monitoring 24/7, eliminating the need for external power like diesel generators or solar panels.

LKX-MULTI Installation Greece Wildfire

Global Partnerships

Trusted by Power Grid Operators around the world

World Map


Line Powered monitoring station equipped with a triple camera system, multiple line sensors and a complete weather station.

Laki's Products


Optical and thermal imaging combined with local weather data makes the LKX-SURV  specialized in surveillance and early detection of wildfires around power lines.


Enabling autonomous drone operation in remote areas with a highly efficient drone charging stations.

Testimonials from our customers

Monitoring Icing with Statnett in Norway

Being able to utilize the conductor current to power the monitoring devices is a huge benefit. It reduces costs and provides us with accurate data and a unique viewpoint since the Laki Power station is on the conductor itself.

Key Investors

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