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We Keep an Eye on your Grid

Ensure resiliency and reliability with line powered overhead monitoring solutions

Laki Analytics


Monitoring has never been easier. Access critical information in real time and generate events based on data from multiple sensors and cameras.


Discover the only line powered drone charging solution on the market

Overhead power line extreme weather warning

Reduce the need for crew deployment and helicopter trips to remote areas.

Galloping & Vibration

Icing on overhead power line with overlays

Icing forecasts, confirmed with images and real-time ice-loads measurments.

Ice Monitoring

Overhead power line camera wildfire alert

Automatically detect potential wildfires and send alerts to operators.

Wildfire Risk

power line surveillance thermal image

Thermal and optical cameras enable complete situational awareness.

Security & Surveillance

Versatile Applications

LKX Multi

Complete overhead line monitoring system

LKX Surv

Thermal & optical surveillance unit

Our Monitoring Systems

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