Despite the abundance of electric energy in overhead power lines, the high-voltage levels prevent grid operators from tapping directly into the lines to access suitable power for valuable monitoring equipment like cameras, weather sensors and more. We've solved that problem.

Transforming the way line monitoring is carried out for power grid operators. Our monitoring stations are installed directly on power lines and generate power using otherwise wasted energy.

Utilizing the power in the conductor 

Real-time view of infrastructure & surroundings

Laki Power is the first and only solution that provides transmission system operators with a "birds-eye view" of the transmission line and surroundings. Powered by our unique, patented current harvesting system, our devices are online indefinitely with exceptionally low running costs.

Being able to utilize the conductor current to power the monitoring devices is a huge benefit. It reduces costs and provides us with accurate data and a unique viewpoint since the Laki Power station is on the conductor itself.

Miroslav Radojcic,
Project Manager Statnett