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Grid Monitoring For Every Environment

We create line-powered monitoring systems for overhead power lines, offering innovative solutions to some of today's most pressing challenges faced by power grid operators.

Overhead power line extreme weather warning

Reduce the need for crew deployment and helicopter trips to remote areas.

Galloping & Vibration

Icing on overhead power line with overlays

Ice load measurements and analytics, confirmed with images.

Ice Monitoring

Overhead power line camera wildfire alert

Automatically detect potential wildfires and send alerts to operators.

Wildfire Risk

Increase capacity up to 30% with data-driven analysis and insights.

Dynamic Line Rating

power line surveillance thermal image

Thermal and optical cameras enable complete situational awareness.

Security & Surveillance

Addressing Key Challenges 

From monitoring icing and wildfires to optimizing grid capacity with dynamic line rating, our solutions deliver reliable, low-cost insights without the need for external power sources like solar panels.

Monitoring systems designed to optimize grid performance

Despite the abundance of electric energy in overhead power lines, the high-voltage levels prevent grid operators from tapping directly into the lines to access suitable power for valuable monitoring equipment like cameras and weather sensors. We've solved that problem.

Grid Monitoring Redefined

Your priority is ensuring the power grid is reliable and resiliant. We make that possible with first-in-industry hardware and comprehensive analytics designed for your needs.


Complete overhead line monitoring system


Thermal & optical

surveillance unit

Laki Analytics Studio

Monitoring has never been easier. From real-time monitoring of icing and wildfire events, to optimizing power line transmission capacity with dynamic line rating Laki Analytics Studio provides an all-in-one software solution for transmission line insights and analysis.