Fully-autonomous real-time monitoring of powerline infrastructure

Today, operators estimate critical operating parameters, such as the line sag from measurements of phase wire temperature and from tension or tilt sensors, adjusting for parameters such as air temperature, wind speed and current flow. Receiving live data from these installed devices to estimate the temperature of phase wires remains a real challenge, especially in remote areas with limited or non-existent network coverage. It may be necessary, in some cases, to collect data on-site from the surveillance equipment, and deliver fuel, adding further to the cost of surveillance. 

Without live measurements TSOs are forced to operate within a wide margin of safety, limiting the power transfer capacity of transmission grids. With real-time measurements, transmission infrastructure can increase power transfer capacity by an estimated 10-15%.

Laki Power's LKX sensor solutions solve that problem by being powered directly from the phase wire, enabling a wide range of real-time sensors and communicating live measurements to TSOs’ control centres through onboard GSM or satellite modems.

  • High-resolution cameras for visual and thermal line inspection

  • Weather station for accurate, local environmental sensing

  • Unique line-energy harvesting technology enables 24/7 availability and eliminates local power generation


Inductively powered and sited directly on the phase wire, our LKX-range of sensors provide fully-autonomous, next-generation monitoring capabilities for high-voltage transmission and distribution infrastructure.

We offer unparalleled real-time intelligence for individual stretches of line, enabling operators to optimise performance, reduce cost, increase safety and meet the challenges of renewable energy usage and smart grids.


High-Resolution Live Video

• 2 x 6MP bidirectional line camera

• Night-vision capability
• Tilt and zoom
• 360° surveillance (option)

Phase Wire Temperature

• Thermal camera
• Thermal radiometry sensor

Weather Station

• Ambient temperature

• Barometric pressure

• Anemometer
• Solar radiation

• Dust sensor
• Precipitation (rain/hail/snow)

Line Tilt

• Inclinometer
• +/- 0.5° accuracy


• 1k – 1Mohm sensitivity

Communications Package

• LTE/GSM router
• Satellite comms package (option)

Power Platform

• DC power offtake, 100W max



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