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Wildfire Monitoring

React quickly to thermal events with real-time monitoring and alerts.

How it works

When an event is detected, the monitoring station automatically sends an alert through cellular communications.

The system has been heavily adjusted not to be sensitive to several sources of false positives like the sun, clouds, lights at night, etc.

On-board computers use artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect and identify hazardous smoke and fire.

Event is verified by an operator and response teams can promptly take appropriate action for mitigating the spread of the fire.

Thermal & optical imaging

State-of-the-art Surveillance

LKX's high-resolution optical cameras deliver crystal clear visuals, while our advanced thermal imaging swiftly identifies heat anomalies. Both working in tandem create a powerful surveillance solution, enhancing detection accuracy and response efficiency for potential threats.

Continuous monitoring can help identify potential fire-prone areas due to overgrown vegetation or faulty equipment, allowing for targeted and timely maintenance efforts.

Instant notifications keeps you informed about potential events, enabling immediate action.

Continuous monitoring in remote hard-to-reach areas where traditional monitoring methods are not feasible.

Why use LKX for monitoring thermal events

Reliable Monitoring

Solution Support

Personalized onboarding

Our engineers help you run the monitoring systems smoothly from day one.

Quick customer support

We provide expedited support services for our hardware and software.

Profession Consultation

Gain insights from our engineers on how to optimize your system's usage.


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