Real-time power line health under extreme conditions

From real-time monitoring of icing and wildfire events, to optimizing power line transmission capacity with dynamic line rating, Laki Power's advanced analytics and monitoring stations provide an innovative solution for many of the most pressing issues faced by power grid operators today.   


Line Icing

Ice build-up is a serious issue that affects power lines in many regions especially with the increased frequency of extreme weather events. Severe icing can lead to excessive sag and even conductor failure, resulting in power outages and huge costs.

Ice accumulation warning and the early deployment of mitigation strategies can be achieved through our real-time sag detection and line-facing high resolution cameras.

Fire Risk

​​Utilities are increasingly focused on avoidance of bush and forest fires under extreme weather conditions. 

High resolution visual and thermal cameras can proactively detect vegetation in close proximity to the power line and provide automated fire and smoke warning. Precise wind speed and direction sensing at power line height enhance risk assessment of hazardous weather conditions.

Dynamic Line Rating

​DLR increases transmission capacity over static line rating through more accurate assessment and prediction of line ampacity under varying conditions.

Our high performance weather station and line sag monitoring deployed in remote locations at low cost provide operators with unprecedented predictive power to maximise DLR opportunities.

Hardware built to last and gather essential data

Laki Power's LKX monitoring stations are powered directly from the power line, enabling a wide range of sensors that deliver live measurements to power grid operators.

  • High-res cameras for visual and thermal line inspection

  • Weather stations and other sensors for accurate local environmental sensing

  • Unique line-energy harvesting technology enables 24/7 availability and eliminates the need for local power generation like diesel generators, solar panels and wind turbines


Software for critical alerts & analytics

Users can view live data, perform analytics and create custom events and receive alerts via text message or e-mail. Early warning signs of icing and wildfires enables power grid operators to react before it's too late.