Real-time power line health under extreme conditions

From real-time monitoring of icing and wildfire events, to optimizing power line transmission capacity with dynamic line rating, Laki Power's advanced analytics and monitoring stations provide an innovative solution for many of the most pressing issues faced by power grid operators today.   

Dynamic Line Rating

Laki Power monitoring stations  provide local weather data and ground-clearance data which are critical inputs for managing transmission capacity.


Wildfire Risk

Laki Power monitoring stations are designed to detect smoke particles and fire with thermal imaging thus giving instant notification to operators.


Vibration & Galloping

Laki Power monitoring stations gather images and data on conductor motion which can be used to analyse failures and improve design.


Intrusion Detection

The inaccessible location of cameras on high voltage lines makes them particularly useful for border and homeland security operations.


Flashover Risk

Laki Power monitoring solutions provide data on surface conductivity to alert when maintenance procedures like insulator cleaning are needed.



Laki Power monitoring stations can notify power grid operators, in real-time, of potential icing events with images and data on conductor pitch, temperature, humidity and more.

Built to last

Laki Power's LKX monitoring stations are powered directly from the power line, enabling a wide range of sensors that deliver live measurements to power grid operators.

  • High-res cameras for visual and thermal line inspection

  • Weather stations and other sensors for accurate local environmental sensing

  • Unique line-energy harvesting technology enables 24/7 availability and eliminates the need for local power generation like diesel generators, solar panels and wind turbines

Software for critical alerts & analytics

Users can view live data, perform analytics and create custom events and receive alerts via text message or e-mail. Early warning signs of icing and wildfires enables power grid operators to react before it's too late.