Previously generations of powerline surveillance  have required diesel generators, wind turbines, solar panels or batteries to power them. These require maintenance and expensive fuel resupply, dramatically increasing both cost and human operator risk, while often failing in harsh weather conditions.

At the heart of every Laki product sits our patented PowerGRAB electromagnetic energy harvesting technology. PowerGRAB uses a unique “cold” rectification technique to capture high voltage powerline current as a usable low-voltage DC output with 100x greater efficiency than other on-market solutions, enabling an unprecedented range of power-hungry peripheral systems.

PowerGRAB is a clean, stable power platform, unaffected by fluctuations in the phase wire current flow, and is ideally suited for sensitive surveillance and measurement devices.

  • Our solution minimizes saturation in the current transformer core, reducing mechanical strain and vibration, while eliminating power losses in the regulating circuitry and associated heat generation from electronic components in the design.

  • Particularly suitable for producing high energy in a small and confined space where cooling may not be possible. The results are that the Laki Power energy harvesting solution can supply tightly regulated and stable high energy DC power for almost any energy-intensive surveillance and measurement equipment.

100x Power