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Galloping & Vibration

Increase safety and reduce the need for helicopter trips and line crew deployments.

How it works

On-board computers and the Laki software analyze and identify any events or anomilies.

Users set criteria based on data and images from the monitoring station e.g. galloping, vibration or conductor slapping.

The monitoring station continuously monitors and gathers data from the conductor.

When an event is detected, a person verifies the event for false positives and takes action if neccessary.

High-res images and data in real-time

Stay Connected

Designed to close the gap between you and your remote operations. By leveraging robust wireless technology, our monitoring systems stream high-resolution images and real-time data, providing immediate access to critical information. Staying informed on your power grid in hard-to-reach locations has never been easier or more efficient.

Laki’s unique induction technology ensures reliable monitoring where traditional methods are hindered by inaccessible power sources.

Continuous monitoring can help identify the cause of structural failures or outages, allowing for targeted and timely maintenance efforts.

The camera system

Resolve Unexplained

Instant notifications keeps you informed about critical events, enabling immediate action and analyzing.

A video from our monitoring system

Frame by Frame

Witness the galloping on power lines in real-time, captured directly from the conductor. Allowing for prompt action if needed.

Solution Support

Personalized onboarding

Our engineers help you run the monitoring systems smoothly from day one.

Quick customer support

We provide expedited support services for our hardware and software.

Professional Consultation

Gain insights from our engineers on how to optimize your system's usage.


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