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Video On Demand - The Resilient Grid: Navigating Extreme Winter Weather Challenges

In 2021, 350 million people were affected by power outages, that is 4% of the global population (Power Grid International). As extreme weather events are exacerbated by climate change, the frequency of outages caused by weather related outages are on the rise. Grid operators are faced with the challenges of ensuring a resilient and reliable grid amidst climate change.

In regions affected by winter weather, ice and snow accretion, galloping and vibration are just a few events that are posing significant risks to delivering power safely during storms.

In the webinar The Resilient Grid: Navigating Extreme Winter Weather Challenges, we discuss how grid operators are leveraging Laki Power´s advanced grid monitoring technology and rich data to:

  • protect their assets

  • employ preventative and corrective measures

  • analyze historical data to for future line design


In the webinar we use real data collected from grid operators who´s transmission lines face extreme winter conditions. Below is an example of an observation from a grid operator.

Observation 1:

Early identification of ice-type is critical in understanding it´s impact on the load. In this case wet snow´s density is higher than rime ice, leading to heavier load on the structure. Early visual identification enables pro-active and effective de-icing, as ice types differ in how easy or difficult it is to remove.

Ice and snow accretion.
Ice type captured by Laki Power´s LKX Multi monitoring station

Watch the webinar to learn more.


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