Landsnet installs innovative high-voltage grid surveillance solution from Laki Power

Iceland’s national TSO Landsnet rolls out Laki Power’s novel LKX-201 high-voltage line monitoring technology for the Icelandic transmission grid as part of an ongoing development program.

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Reykjavik, Iceland - 21 April 2020 - Landsnet, Iceland’s transmission system operator, and Laki Power, a leader in real-time surveillance for high-voltage powerline infrastructure, announced today the roll-out of Laki Power‘s new LKX-201 surveillance system, for the national grid as part of a deeper cooperation agreement to advance product development.

The announcement marks the completion of 18 months of field trials conducted by Landsnet with two installed LKX-201 devices in its transmission system.

“The LKX-201 system is an eco-friendly solution that offers unprecedented possibilities in real-time monitoring that can lower operating costs, improve use of infrastructure and increase operational security,” commented Nils Gústavsson, Executive VP of Construction & Grid Services at Landsnet, “We are pleased to support Icelandic innovation and we see great possibilities for Laki Power's surveillance system and technology in the Icelandic transmission system.”

“Until now, electrical grid operators have lacked access to real-time environmental and line status data, which is increasingly critical to maximise throughput and ensure operational security and resilience,” said Sigurjón Magnússon, CEO of Laki Power, “The unprecedented capabilities of our technology enable TSOs and DSOs to implement surveillance at scale for even the most remote areas of their grids at an attractive cost. We are delighted to announce our ongoing partnership with Landsnet and look forward to helping them improve utilisation and address the increased demands on their grid through the benefits of real-time monitoring.”

Laki Power’s LKX-201 enhances power line surveillance and monitoring

Laki Power’s surveillance system provides real-time, actionable intelligence for monitoring and management of power grid infrastructure. The first-in-industry system, which is based on the Company’s PowerGRAB™ technology, harvests electromagnetic energy directly from high-voltage powerlines with unprecedented efficiency, providing up to 100x more useable power than other available solutions.


About Laki Power

Laki Power was founded in 2015 to transform the way line monitoring is carried out for transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs), by bringing to market new technology that dramatically enhances the level of power that can be efficiently harvested from high voltage lines.

Electrical transmission and distribution systems worldwide span millions of kilometres. Yet despite carrying huge amounts of energy, tapping into that energy, to provide monitoring devices with power in the remote places that these lines cross, has remained a persistent challenge. Instead these systems have relied on local fossil fuel generators, wind turbines, solar cells or power from the line that requires a mini-substation to adapt voltage and power levels for proper utilisation. This results in very high costs of installing, maintaining and resupplying these systems, as well as a host of other environmental, operational, logistical and maintenance issues.

Laki Power's LKX sensor solutions solve that problem by being powered directly from the phase wire, enabling a wide range of real-time sensors and communicating live measurements to TSOs’ control centres through onboard GSM or satellite modems. Our patent pending technology can harvest up to hundred times more power than competitor solutions, offering unprecedented monitoring capacity and flexibility for a range of sensors and applications.

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About Landsnet

Landsnet hf. (, established in 2005 as an independent public company, owns and operates all major electricity transmission lines in Iceland, a network spanning more than 3,330km. The transmission system consists of power lines with voltages of 66 kV and higher, some 33 kV lines and all major substations in the country. The vast majority of the company’s transmission lines are overhead lines and the largest part of the grid’s transmission infrastructure operates at a voltage from 66 to 220 kV. Landsnet is a member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity.

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Sigurjon Magnusson

CEO, Laki Power