Laki Power is expanding

We are happy to announce the addition of new team members at Laki Power. Laki Power provides power grid operators with solutions to monitor, analyze and optimize their operations and assets. Our unique patented technology powers equipment through electrical induction on high-power lines to provide real-time intelligence in the form of imagery and environmental data to our customers.

Laki Powers new team members. Haukur (Commercial and financial manager), Grétar (Electrical Technician), Eiríkur (Front-end developer), Guðjón (Head of software) and Björn (Head of manufacturing) from left to right.

Haukur Örn Hauksson will work on marketing strategy and finance related projects. Haukur recently graduate in Master of Finance from the University of Iceland and holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering

Grétar Smári Hilmarsson is an Electrical Technician. He will be involved in the manufacturing and assembly of our monitoring stations.

Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson is our new front-end developer. Eiríkur has over six years of experience in mobile and web development, working on global scale projects for firms and clients such as Plain Vanilla, Gangverk, Sotheby‘s and CBS Corporation. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Reykjavík University.

Guðjón will design and manage Laki Powers software architecture. Guðjón recently led a team of 60 experts at Origo working on e-health software solutions. He holds a M.Sc. in Software Engineering.

Björn Sighvatsson will lead and develop the manufacturing process, with over 10 years of experience from well-known companies like Marel and Össur. He holds a M.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering.