Laki Power sets new power line wind speed accuracy standard

LKX product line in wind tunnel testing performed by Deutsche WindGuard.

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Reykjavik, Iceland - 23 September 2020 - Laki Power, a leader in high voltage surveillance and real-time monitoring for transmission systems successfully completed a wind tunnel testing program for its LKX product line, setting a new standard in the accuracy of power line wind speed measurements. The test data will be used to further calibrate Laki Power’s equipment for improved accuracy of wind measurements through cancelling out aerodynamic effects caused by the device profile.

The LKX-201 station was tested at Deutsche WindGuard's wind tunnel laboratory in Germany to gather enough data for the creation of calibration tables to correct aerodynamic effects and secure sufficient accuracy of the measurement data.

“Laki Power's equipment is located on high voltage power lines up to 24 metres from the ground, often in mountainous areas where wind speeds can be extreme," states Oskar Valtysson, Laki Power's CTO, "These tests enable us to set a new standard for accuracy of measurements for high voltage power lines, free from interference because of changing wind direction or speed. These are the same tests conducted for measuring equipment located on wind turbines. We're very grateful to our colleagues at Deutsche Windguard for their expertise."

Laki Power’s LKX-201 surveillance system provides real-time, actionable intelligence for monitoring and management of power grid infrastructure. The revolutionary system based on Laki Power’s PowerGRAB™ technology, harvests electromagnetic energy directly from high-voltage power lines with unprecedented efficiency, providing up to 100x more usable power than other available solutions.


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Laki Power is a leading provider of high voltage surveillance technology, real-time monitoring and analytics for transmission systems that transform the way line monitoring takes place for transmission system operators (TSOs) and distribution system operators (DSOs). Laki Power’s 24/7 real-time technology gives a complete picture of line performance and activity, dramatically enhancing the ability of TSOs and DSOs to optimise performance, reduce costs, increase safety and security, and improve resilience. Powered by a unique current harvesting system that sits directly on the phase wire, Laki Power’s technology provides continuous monitoring, enabling real-time insight into line health for customers at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

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Bjorgvin Sigurdsson

CEO, Laki Power