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Ice Monitoring

Ensure your lines stay clear of ice with real-time alerts and ice load monitoring

How it works

The software automatically records icing events based on data and sends alerts during critical events.

Criteria such as line tilt, outside temperature, and humidity levels are set to spot icing events.

Monitoring station gathers data and images from the conductor.

Built-in cameras check the thickness and type of ice. This information helps decide if action is needed to remove the ice.

Ice loads and ground clearance: Determining if the ice weight is approaching critical levels for the power line.

Shape and thickness: Crucial for estimating wind resistance and likelihood of galloping events.

Type of ice: Important for determining the ice properties that can affect weight and adhesion to surfaces.

Transforming data to valuable information

From Raw Data to Actionable Insight

Icing Forecasts

Plan for Icing Events

Our map view now includes advanced icing forecasts, offering an enriched perspective on potential weather challenges. This integrated tool enables you to anticipate and strategically plan for icing events, optimizing your power line management and maintenance schedules. With the synergy of real-time monitoring and predictive analytics, you're better equipped to preemptively address adverse weather conditions.

A time-lapse from our monitoring system

Track Ice Build-Up

Witness the progression of ice accumulation on power lines in real-time, captured directly from the conductor. Allowing for prompt action if needed.

Icing guide ->

Share the event details with team members or export data for further analysis, promoting effective teamwork and thorough study.

Utilize high-quality imagery from our state-of-the-art cameras for detailed inspections of ice type and thickness.

Access in-depth details of the icing event, including ice type, thickness, and severity.

Analyze, discuss and share events

Detailed Overview

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