Unique Power

Until now, comprehensive powerline monitoring solutions required diesel generators, wind turbines, solar panels or batteries to power them. These require maintenance and expensive fuel resupply, dramatically increasing both cost and human operator risk, while often failing in harsh weather conditions.


At the heart of every Laki product sits our patented PowerGRAB electromagnetic energy harvesting technology. PowerGRAB uses a unique “cold” power regulation technique to capture high voltage powerline current as a usable low-voltage DC output with 100x greater efficiency than other on-market solutions, enabling an unprecedented range of power-hungry peripheral systems.

PowerGRAB is a clean, stable power platform, unaffected by fluctuations in the phase wire current flow, and is ideally suited for sensitive surveillance and measurement devices.


Real-time environmental monitoring

The LKX-301 provides a continuous stream of real-time environmental data to aid in detection of wildfire, icing events and dynamic line rating.


Visual inspection & surveillance

The LKX-302 provides UHD resolution video and image capture for real-time and historical line, tower and ground surveillance.


Fire & thermal event detection

The LKX-303 combines 4K resolution streaming video and image capture with thermal imaging for real-time detection of fires and elevated temperatures.



Laki Power provides a user-friendly software solution where users can monitor live data & images and get notifications about events like icing and wildfire. All data and images are stored in a secure cloud environment for further analysis. 


Generate time-lapses over specific time periods

Create events

Create alerts based on user-defined criteria

24/7 Real-time

Monitor real-time images, video and data

Secure API for intergration

Intergrate data into existing monitoring solutions

Export data

Export historical data and images for further analysis

Join us in a pilot

The LKX-201 is a fully featured unit used in current pilot projects across the globe and powered by the 100W+ PowerGrab power harvesting technology. The LKX-201 supports a wider range of sensors including bidirectional optical cameras.

The goal of our pilot projects is to partner with power grid operators and to test Laki Power hardware and software solutions in challenging environments. These projects have given us valuable feedback which we have incorporated into our product development.

If you are a power grid operator interested in partnering with Laki Power in a pilot project, please contact us.