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Dynamic Line Rating

Unlock grid efficiency with data-driven analysis

72h DLR Forecast

Micro weather data and line measurements drive our 72h DLR forecast.

Complete Insight

Dive deep into detailed insights on ampacity, conductor temperature, sag, and more.

IEEE & CIGRE Compliance

Flexibility to choose between IEEE or CIGRE standards for DLR calculations.

10-Day AAR Forecast

Aligned with FERC 881 standards.

Increase Capacity

by up to 30%

Harness real-time insights, advanced analytics, and precision monitoring to optimize your grid's performance. Dive into the features that make this capacity boost possible:

Visual Bottleneck Identification

Identify line bottlenecks, receive instant alerts, and understand your power line health at a glance.

Load Limit Insights

Understand real-time load constraints, their forecasted values, and operational potential for each line segment.

Customizeable Views

Tailor your insights. Choose metrics like sag, conductor temperature or ground clearance to gain specific insights tailored to operational needs.

See the Impact

Every environmental nuance, from a gentle breeze to a roaring blizzard, directly influences the performance of your power lines. With our system the natural elements become quantifiable.

Elevate Your Grid Performance Today

Real-time Ampacity

Utilizing standards set by CIGRE and IEEE, we calculate ampacity levels rooted in local weather data and line measurements.

Conductor Temperature

Comprehensive data integration for precise conductor temperature calculations.

Conductor Sag

Real-time and forecasted insights driven by conductor pitch measurements.

Ampacity Forecast

High-accuracy ampacity forecasts provide crucial insight for optimizing grid reliability and efficiency.

From Comprehensive Inputs to Actionable Outputs

By harnessing data from our weather stations, line sensors, camera systems, and inherent power line characteristics, we create a holistic view of the power line environment. This comprehensive data feeds into our advanced models, producing precise insights tailored for optimal grid management. Explore how these inputs transform into key outputs that illuminate your grid's performance.

LKX Multi

Complete overhead line monitoring system

LKX Surv

Thermal & optical surveillance unit

Discover Our Monitoring Systems

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