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Wildfire monitoring using optical and thermal cameras

Detection of smoke and heat anomolies near overhead power lines.

Cost efficient surveillance system utilizing conductor power.

Advanced wildfire detection with thermal and optical surveillance.




IPTO<a href=">Link
Text</a>, also known as Independent Power Transmission Operator, serves as the backbone of Greece's electrical infrastructure. This organization plays a pivotal role in the management and stability of the country’s power supply, ensuring electricity is transmitted reliably across the grid.

Wildfires present a formidable challenge in Greece, often resulting in significant environmental, societal and economic repercussion. IPTO sought a power line monitoring system that could promptly detect these wildfires to allow for quick mobilization of firefighting teams, thereby protecting the local communities and the grid to minimize damages.



IPTO's wildfire detection capabilities were significantly enhanced with the installation of Laki Power's integrated monitoring solutions: the LKX-SURV and LKX-MULTI systems. The LKX-SURV, equipped with advanced thermal and optical cameras, utilizes onboard computational analysis to detect and alert authorities of smoke and heat anomalies. Complementing this, the LKX-MULTI system's suite of environmental sensors – including wind, temperature, and humidity sensors – delivers comprehensive data on conditions that could influence wildfire behavior. Together, these systems provide a robust surveillance mechanism, offering critical insights to predict and respond to potential wildfire threats effectively.


The monitoring system vigilantly surveyed the landscape, successfully maintaining uninterrupted surveillance over a broad area. While no wildfires were detected within the proximity of the stations installed, the project demonstrated the system’s robust capability to sense heat anomalies within a few kilometers and smoke at greater distances. This proactive surveillance initiative, though not tested by live wildfires, underscored the value of the Laki Power system in providing a reliable, high-tech watch over critical infrastructure against the ever-present danger of wildfires.

The LKX-SURV installed on a overhead power line in Greece.

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